Be Empowered | Episode 5 | Kaden Nguyen

Be Empowered Series

Do you have what it takes? Each day is a chance to improve your mind body and soul. Take the journey with Kaden Nguyen world class athlete and proud member of#TeamEHP
Katya Elise Henry tells her story as part of the EHPlabs family. With over 30,000 girls in her WBK community, Katya is an inspiration for millions of girls around, looking to use fitness as their vehicle for a fulfilling, all-rounded lifestyle.
Passion, drive, loyalty, family - join us as the man behind the EHPlabs brand shares his personal story. Thank you for sharing these moments with us, you are the force that drives us to achieve greatness.
Jazmine Garcia has conquered the fitness industry and her personal anxiety demons to become one of the best athletes and YouTubers in the business. Join us on Jazmine's journey#TeamEHP

"No matter how bad the days were when I was going through it....lifting was my escape."⁠

Michael Smith, also known as Merkel, is a natural bodybuilder and certified personal trainer. His passion for health & fitness has lead him to join the EHPlabs family to inspire people all across the world.

'Fitness truly changed my life... I studied it. I started training more and more. I overcame my fears! Eventually I got comfortable with myself. Now, I want to help others do the same!'

Michie has inspired thousands of women across the world. Her fit plan has helped thousands of women transform their bodies and change their lives. She is truely an inspiration and this has led her to join the EHPlabs family.

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