Killer Ab Circuit by Fraser Wilson


Fraser Wilson, our newest member to Team EHP, is ABSolutely shredded and is a beast in and out of the gym. He has brought you an exclusive EHPlabs Abs workout that you won't find anywhere else. This workout is broken up into two ab circuits. The first circuit is body weight only and the second one he uses the medicine ball.
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Focusing on cardiovascular fitness, this workout is challenging, high energy and suitable for all levels of fitness. It will leave you pumped up and flooded with endorphins. No equipment needed! Can be done anywhere and anytime! Aim to do the circuit x 5.

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Complete 3-5 rounds of this whole body circuit, performing each exercise for 45-60 seconds before moving straight on to the next exercise with minimal rest. Take a 30-60 second rest at the end of each round before completing the next. It's go time.

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Add these 5 exercises to your training and nutrition routine and your abs will make an appearance before you know it!

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