Upper Body Pilates Workout with Alexis


Follow along with Blessed Ambassador Alexis Fernandez, as she takes you through a basic but effective upper body at-home workout. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. This workout is perfect for anyone new to pilates, looking to strengthen their posture and upper-body.

We answered all your frequently asked questions about Blessed Protein with the face of Blessed... Katya Elise Henry.

00:10 How did Blessed Protein start?
00:45 What are the quick product facts about Blessed Protein?
01:15 What are the Blessed Protein flavors?
01:29 Is Blessed Protein good for weight management?
01:41 What's the best time to have Blessed Protein?
01:49 Can you heat up Blessed Protein?
02:00 Is Blessed Protein natural and alkaline?
02:18 Is Blessed Protein safe for males?
02:26 Would Blessed Protein make me bloat?

'It’s vegan, tastes freaking amazing, & isn’t gritty like other plant based protein powders. if u don’t consume dairy or get bloated easily, i recommend this!'
Let's get the heart racing and blood pumping with this high-intensity interval training workout with Arica Sky.

Focusing on cardiovascular fitness, this workout is challenging, high energy and suitable for all levels of fitness. It will leave you pumped up and flooded with endorphins. No equipment needed! Can be done anywhere and anytime! Aim to do the circuit x 5.
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