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Earn Stars in different ways, including purchases, reviews & social media follows


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Member-Only benefits

We’ve created a loyalty program for you, our loyal fans in order to reward you for your continued support of us at EHPlabs. It’s simple, you accumulate Stars and then redeem them for rewards.


So what can you redeem your Stars for? When you reach 500 Stars you will get a $25 discount on your next purchase to use on whatever product you choose.


Moving up in tier levels gives you bigger and more exclusive rewards, with the Rockstar tier you will get exclusive access to events (real and virtual) to meet your favorite EHP athletes and be involved in the inner workings of EHPlabs product development!

Loyalty tiers

Stars per $1 Spent




Redeem Stars For Discounts

Member Benefits & Offers

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VIP FB Group Access

Access to New Product Development

Invite to Exclusive Events

How to earn stars


How Can I Earn Stars?

Fans can earn stars by:

Creating an account (30 stars)

Following our social media channels (20 stars each for EHP Insta, FB, YouTube & Blessed Insta, FB, YouTube)      

Purchasing products and apparel (Nova tier: $1 star per dollar, SuperStar tier: $2 stars per dollar, RockStar tier: $3 stars per dollar)      
Referring a friend to purchase -  Your friend will receive 10% off their first purchase, plus 2 stars per $1 on their first purchase, and you'll receive 1 star per dollar that they spend!    
Plus many more ways which will be communicated via email

How Can I Redeem Stars?

Once you reach 500 stars, your account will have a $25 discount code for their next purchase that can be applied at checkout on any of our products or merchandise.

What Are The Different Levels?

We’ve named the three team levels, Nova, Superstar and Rockstar.
You advance up the levels by collecting stars. Each level has it’s own unique benefits, and the higher up you go, the more stars you get per $1 spent on ehplabs.com

Terms & Conditions

EHPlabs reserves the right to change the tier / point / star structure at any time or cancel a membership at any time for misuse of the program.

Redemption discount is applied through a code, of which there can only ever be ‘one discount code’ applied at a time, i.e. no athlete code or campaign code can be used at the same time as the redemption code.

You accrue ‘stars’ which can be redeemed for discounts on products and also go towards reaching the next tier level. Once you reach a tier level in a calendar year, you will remain in that team level for the remainder of the calendar year, and the following calendar year.

If you do not accrue sufficient stars in the following year to remain in that team level, then you will be downgraded to the tier level that has matched your star accrual for that calendar year. Any redeemed stars still count towards the number of stars required to reach a tier level in that calendar year.

Your star totals do not expire.

You cannot transfer stars from one account to another, or with friends.

Stars are earned via purchases on our global e-commerce site only, and for purchases on products and apparel, not on shipping.

Redemption begins once a consumer has totaled 500 stars, and every 500 stars from then on. Redemption only occurs in increments of 500 stars, no part redemption.

Prizes are subject to change, and EHPLabs in their sole discretion can choose to replace a prize offered with something of equivalent value.

How Do I Claim Missing Points?

Please contact one of our customer service team at support@ehplabs.com

I Have A Question About The Loyalty Program Who Do I Speak To?

Please contact one of our customer service team at support@ehplabs.com


Earn and be rewarded for every purchase and interaction with #TEAMEHP